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We’re a group of Year 10 students from Kings Norton Girls School and Year 8 students from Waverley School, both in Birmingham.

We wanted to be involved in this project:

To learn more about the past, to learn how to interpret the past for others, because we’re interested in women’s rights and in learning more about protest and direct action. We hope to inspire future generations and to give women in the past a voice today.

We want to learn more about the Suffragettes, especially the non-famous ones and ones that lived in Birmingham, to find out about different methods of protest, especially peaceful versus militant, and to find out how the activities of the Suffragettes are relevant for us today.

The activities we’re planning to do include: workshops at Birmingham Archives and Birmingham Museum & Art Gallery, to meet a local female politician, to visit the Houses of Parliament, to record stories about the suffragettes through film and to document the project to create a learning resource.

And we’ll be regularly blogging about the project so follow us here on or Twitter to keep updated!