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Weekly Mercury

Suffragists resume militant tactics

Birmingham Weekly Mercury

Birmingham Weekly Mercury

We found this newspaper article in the Birmingham city archives in amongst other suffragette materials. It shows that the suffragists bombarded a police parade and flaunted their banners for women’s right to vote. It also shows how the policemen moved them on their way but the women started throwing bricks at cars.

We found this intriguing because it shows what lengths women would go to, to fight for their right to vote.

“Do they think they will compel ‘mere men’ to give them what they want by behaving like a lot of ruffians and dong wanton and wilful damage to property” – a quote from Moor Pool News – 13/3/1913

This shows that some people believed the ways in which suffragettes put across their views was not appreciated and therefore made some people disagree even more with what they were trying to say.

We got involved with the project because we strongly believe in the women’s suffragette movement and it is a brilliant project to be involved with because we’re bringing it back to life and we get to experience opportunities that we never thought we would be a part of.

Emily and Frankie