About us

Fight for the Right: the Birmingham Suffragettes is a history project funded by the Heritage Lottery Fund in which 25 pupils from two Birmingham schools, Kings Norton Girls’ School and Waverley School, will investigate social and political change though local eyes, exploring different ways of campaigning and protesting, and focusing on ways of researching, interpreting and recording Birmingham women’s history by young women living in Birmingham today.


Learning experiences and skills gained through workshops and archival research will be interpreted where debate and campaigning form the focus. This will lead to the young people scripting and filming a series of historical re-enactment films interpreting the Birmingham story and focusing on the activities of the Suffragettes and their more peaceful counterparts, the Suffragists. Both the re-enactments and the reflective documentary presenting the research, findings and opinions from young women today will be celebrated by a public screening at the Library of Birmingham on November 1st 2013 from 6-8pm.

The young people:

Kings Norton Girls School: Ariadne Hapeshi, Blythe Kilbride, Emily Osborne, Imogen Rogerson, Lucy Gray, Ayah Wafi, Tabby Shaikh, Isobel Palmer, Molly Coyles, Laila Ralif, Francesca Kang (supported by Christina Thatcher, Head of History)

Waverley School: Zenab Ali, Zoya Amar, Nibah Asaf, Faisa Asksar, Falis Desow, Adna Fidar, Nabeela Jabeen, Salma Jehangir, Samra Mirza, Najma Mohammed Noor, Safa Nawaz, Aishah Rabab, Aisha Salad, Kausar Zaman (supported by Ann McLeish, Deputy Headteacher)

The project team:

Nicola Gauld, a freelance curator and outreach worker, will oversee the project management. Nicola has worked on historical projects since 2006.

Sima Gonsai, a local history filmmaker, has worked in partnership with Birmingham Archives and HLF funded projects for the past five years. Her involvement in this project is based on her expertise working with young people in interpreting local history through film archiving.

Nikki Thorpe, Learning and Outreach officer at Birmingham Archives.

Don Hazzard, a local historian and former History teacher in local Birmingham schools.

Richard Albutt, a local historian and former Head of Digitisation and Outreach at Birmingham Archives.

Juliet Raynsford, a freelance creative heritage practitioner.

If you’d like to know more about our project you can contact us on birmingham_suffragettes@hotmail.co.uk


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